A conference program tracking market analysis and future business opportunities.

Wednesday 13th March

11am - Hall C4
Ribbon cutting ceremony

11.15am – Tiglio Room
Opening press conference "The state of crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises in government gaming".

3pm – Noce Room
Advertising & Gambling: the Italian choice and market trends.
Convention organised by Jamma and AGIMEG
Moderator: Fabio Felici

3:30pm – Tiglio Room
e-Sports as business and opportunity.
Convention organised by GN Media

Thursday 14th March

11am – Tiglio Room
The AWPR business model.
Organised by Jamma

The Legislator has granted 18 months for the owners of AWP to upgrade 265,000 units (68%) to the new payout system. This operation will lead to a percentage reduction in player winnings with the aim to offset the recent increase in the Single Tax rate. This is a significant investment for the gaming supply chain, which is already well aware that it will soon be forced to once again change all equipment and adopt remote AWPs.
This obligation is now essentially perceived as a threat, and management companies will soon be forced to deal with it.

But does the supply chain have the economic power to back the investments imposed by the Legislator?
Is the business model adopted to date for the distribution of automatic equipment still up-to-date, or will alternative models need to be found in order to meet the standard obligations?
And, if anyone were to choose to not make the investment, will this mean being forced out of the industry?
And if certain areas were to be left vacant, wouldn’t they be left available for players from other sectors to take them over and enter the gaming market?

Dealers’ agents, producers and managers will take part in this convention.

3pm Tiglio Room
Convention organised by GN Media
Reorganization and territory: gaming with the future.

The government has announced a reorganisation of the entire sector of government gaming with a rationalisation of the market structure whose developments are still to be announced. What is the position of the industry and its views on this reorganisation of the sector? Can a shared position be identified? “Gioco News” brings together the main trade organisations to try and find an inclusive proposal to be submitted to public and political institutions.

Moderator: Alessio Crisantemi, Managing Director at

Tuesday 12th March

3pm - Diotallevi 1 Hall
EUROMAT Ex Com Meeting
Speakers: Jason Frost, President; John White, Domenico Distante, Paolo Dalla Pria, Sanne Muijser, Frits Huffnagel. Secretariat: Kieran O’Keeffe, Benita Lipps, Lorela Lohan.

Wednesday 13th March

6pm - Diotallevi 1 Hall
Convention of Consorzio FEE

Thursday 14th March

1pm - Sapar Booth (A5/C5 Hall)
The great misunderstanding of ticket redemption.
Convention organised by Sapar and Consorzio FEE in association with Università Roma Tre.