Enada Primavera

Date of the show

March 2023


Rimini Expo Centre, Via Emilia, 155 - 47921 RIMINI (RN) - ITALY

Halls occupied

Pavillions: C1 - C2 - C3 - A1 - South Hall


SOUTH entrance



Stand setting up and dismantling times



During setting up and dismantling times, vehicles (trucks, lorries and vans) must arrive at the EAST ENTRANCE (Via Costantino il Grande, 47922 RIMINI)

You have one hour for discharging, then trucks must leave the expo center as quickly as possible.


To access the expo centre during setting up and dismantling time it is necessary:
-       to have settled payment of the invoices;
-       to register  your staff who will require access to the expo centre during those periods
-       to send your standfitters a link to register their staff and print pass with qr code.

Registration of you staff must be done in the "LOGISTICS - STAFF REGISTRATION" section in the exhibitor reserved area; after registration, print the relevant pass with QR code and present it to the staff present at the entrances. For dismantling, the same passes used in setting up can be used.

It is important to send the proxy to your stand fitter so that he can register his staff.
The proxy is always carried out from the exhibitor reserved area, LOGISTICS / STAFF REGISTRATION section; at the bottom of the page, the "STAND FITTING METHOD" must be completed, indicating "stand set up by your own stand fitter" and choosing your stand fitter from the list.

If your stand fitter is not included in the list, invite him to register by entering this page:

Goods entrance for stand/exhibit set-up and dismantling work

East entrance  from Via Costantino il Grande, 47922 Rimini (RN)