Enada Spring

Enada Primavera is the main game industry event for all operators in Southern Europe and will take place in Rimini from 14 to 16 March. Leading national and international companies participate in the business to business event. Today we will meet Alternar, recently awarded at the EGR Italy awards.

About Altenar

Since 2011, Altenar has been a leading provider of igaming software. What’s the secret behind the success? Any client’s request becomes a reason for Alternar to test new function, in order to adapt the solution to a new market, a new audience or a new need. 
Flexibility is the strength that has led the company to be the main partner of authorized operators. 

Why it’s important to join Enada Primavera 

Altenar joins fairs all around the world and want to focus its attention on the promising and growing Italian gaming market. Altenar launched its first Italian operator in 2019: “We could not pass up the enormous opportunity to expand into a market characterized by local software providers, unsuitable to offer a broad and full-option gaming experience" 

Joining Enada Primavera is very important for Altenar: there is no better way to appear to the market and meet the target audience with innovative services and products. 

At the fair, Alternar expects to meet new and potential partners. For the company, Enada Primavera is an unmissable opportunity to get to know its customers and the sports betting scenario of an ever-growing market such as the Italian one. Networking in itself produces a great deal of opportunities and contributes to the growth and development of the entire gaming sector. There is no better place to discuss opportunities to restart and to analyze the profound changes undergoing in the industry

Products and services

Altenar will brings its best sports betting software for licensed operators at the fair. Its offer ranges from "software only" products to providing a fully managed sports betting platform, which can integrate seamlessly into the customer management portal. Its software offers the stability of an established product combined with the flexibility of customization. The company want to give to its clients the best possible user experience through desktop and mobile channels. Also, Altenar takes care of risk management 24/7 and offers business and commercial support



What's new

The company will bring innovations to the fair: widgets for in-banner Pay'N Play. The company believes that widgets will strongly contribute to the technological evolution and the implementation of its products and services. For the gaming operators, using Altenar widgets means new ways to attract players; for gamers, it means ease of access to highlights and upcoming games. The goal is to facilitate interaction with the gaming platforms for the user. Flexibility is important for Alternar: it allows operators to personalize the content and the widget itself.  Another important innovation that will be presented at Enada Primavera is the MOA mobile app. The back-end of the mobile solution is designed to perform two main functions: firstly, it ensures that the gaming platform works on a mobile device, and secondly it integrates seamlessly with B2B customer platforms. Another important feature is the particularly adaptive design, made with Flutter, which allows the app to optimize the user experience on all platforms. What else? Increased time-to-market speed, own rendering engine, simple platform-specific logic implementation and faster code development and product production.