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Wednesday 14th March

The ENADA Spring inaugural conference is traditionally the event that updates on the gaming world´s latest news. This morning, after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, introductory greetings were given by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Romagna, Fabrizio Moretti, and the President of Italian Exhibition Group, Lorenzo Cagnoni.
In his speech SAPAR Chairman Raffaele Curcio explained the position of the Association whose members are 1,500 of the sector´s enterprises.
He said, ´We believe we undergo unequal treatment, as we see systematic aggressiveness with the physical gaming network, which is easily seen and controllable. On the other hand we bear witness to the enormous development of online gaming, of which legislators are uninterested in the spread and in its control.
The result is that companies are penalized with unequal regulations and exaggerated taxes, jobs are lost and, while the demand for gaming increases, official bets subject to taxation are diminishing.
Those who, as in Piedmont, legislated with this clear imbalance, for the moment have seen bets drop by 73 million euros in a month, with a loss of 14 million for the government, while it is completely uncertain that there was less betting. It is not realized that ´physical betting´ is far from young people´s tastes, as they are practical in online gaming, attracted by a facilities that are limitless as far as both opportunities and hours are concerned.
A few weeks ago, the report of the Anti-mafia Commission calculated at approximately 200 euros per capita the average annual betting by Italians, but in that figure there are cities in the south such as Enna where that figure drops to 48 euros. I don´t believe that there are cities where people do not bet or bet very little. It seems that these questions do not interest anybody. We hope that the new government puts a halt to this trend, analyzes the situation in an impartial manner and gets down to work to assert responsible gaming, monitoring all gaming, in order to regulate it with balance and without excessive aggressiveness.´

In the afternoon, ENADA hosted a round table entitled Thinking big! The future for owners is aggregation´, which took as its starting point the current difficulty of the world of slot machine owners, who have to deal with what has been described as a phase of ´enforced´ concentration, due to the constantly falling economic margins because of the oppressive tax rates, the reduction of permits imposed by lawmakers and the action on behalf of local authorities, who have not only cut the hours for gaming, but limit it in a substantial manner. The conference, organized by Gioconews, featured the participation of Italtronic Gaming Consultants, a consultancy company specialized in the sector, Beteslot, which manages approximately 6,000 machines in nine branches and Rete Gioco Italia, which manages 2,500 machines in seven branches. The speakers expressed their points of view, explaining the possible methods for realizing projects for aggregation between enterprises