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.Rimini, 8th March 2018 - During 2017 the overall gaming market had a revenue of around 100 billion euros, with an increase of approximately 4.2% compared to 2016.

In particular, the gross revenue (including wins) of the machines (AWP and VLT) reached 48,549 million euros. Here there was a drop (5.1% to 24.98 billion euros) in the slot machines, whereas there was a rise in video lottery revenue (23.58 billion euros, 2.1% more than 2016) and a small percentage in that of pure amusement machines (237 million, 0.3% more than 2016).
The fall was due to the restrictive regulations applied in the latter part of the year in some regions.
Bingo remained steady, at around 1,600 million euros (+0.5%).
Betting on sports increased, with wins exceeding 8 billion euros (+1.8%).
It must also be noted that in 2017 there was a boom in online gaming, where the market grew by 22% on 2016 figures, with an overall cash flow of 1.2 billion euros. In this sector, online casino games met with particular success, reporting an increase of 35% compared to the 12 previous months, with a total of 460 million euros placed in bets. Another winning category for online casinos is that of the slot machines, which account for 35% of the overall turnover.
However Italians´ favourite games are scratch cards, followed by ´Lotteria Italia´ for the ladies and ´Superenalotto´ for the men, but the largest percentage of betting is concentrated however (almost 50%) on Newslot machines and video lottery. Spending on gaming represents 0.6% of Italy´s GDP.

Where is most gaming done and what are the favourite games in the various regions? Processing the data of the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency, a rather varied panorama emerges. Superenalotto, Slot machines and video lotteries are the most popular games, while betting on horse races and bingo continue to drop.
Rome and Naples are the cities that lead the ranking of betting on sports. In the first half of 2017 first place went to Italy´s capital, where 16.4 million euros were spent. Naples came second with a slightly lower total (15.4 million), followed by Milan with 8.9. Then came various southern Italian cities: Palermo in 4th Place (with 6.2 million spent), Bari 6th (3.6 million), Taranto 7th (3 million) and Catania 8th (2.7 million). Lotto is played above all in southern Italy. Rome is in first place, followed by Naples, then Sicily, with Palermo, Catania and Messina. In the North, on the other hand, slot machines and video games are preferred, with Milan (142 million euros) second after Rome (271 million), for total spending on bets.
Gaming is very popular in Prato, the only city with less than 200,000 inhabitants in the ´top ten´, with 43.2 million euros in bets. In any case, more gaming is done in Milan than in Naples or Rome. In fact, in 2017, the Milanese spent 200 euros per capita on games, bets and lotteries, compared to the 150 of Neapolitans, whereas Romans´ average spending was 164 euros.
In 2018 the number of betting points dropped considerably all over Italy. In fact, they fell by approximately 30%, dropping from approximately 16,000 to 11,300, made up of approximately 5,000 corners and 6,300 agencies. This is because a lot of companies abandoned corners, as they considered the sum of 3,500 euros required for the licence to be excessive. After the reduction of the coin-op machines, which will drop by approximately 34% within April 2018, this is another important sign of the shrinking market of games and bets.

Sources: Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency - Agipronews - Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency / Milan Polytechnic

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